About us

About us

Behind this brand, hides a ” happy family”. Blomkål is first and foremost a family affair : Loanah, passionate about decoration, studied photography, and then married Romain, who then himself, encouraged his brother Bastien to join them in this adventure.

The two brothers have inherited their father’s passion for wood, who himself was a professional carpenter. Loanah  brings her feminine touch to the team. Passionate about decoration, she studied art in college.

Their desire to create and manufacture something unique together was obvious.

Our universe: 
Pure, simple lines drawn out on light  wood panelling, combined with subtle colours, plywood, cork or ‘formica’. In their own image, this furniture collection is engaging and authentic. Some pieces are even customizable! A coffee table becomes a dinner table.  Each element can be chosen separately, the feet are adaptable and interchangeable.


The unique selling point of the brand :
Everything is  “made in Charente”, in the family workshop. Loanah, Romain & Bastien combine “Made in France”, modularity, uniqueness and deliver a range of furniture they can identify with.


Blomkal, what does it mean?
Blomkål means “cauliflower” for our Scandinavian friends. From an early age,
French children are told that boys are born in cabbages and girls in flowers. In these difficult times, a bit of naivety  instils a bit of hope and creativity in our world. This sentiment is reflected in their creations and the materials they select. Choosing a Scandinavian name was an obvious choice for this family as Loanah, Bastien and Romain have close links with woodcraft, which is central to the Scandinavian way of life.